Activities For Best Friends To Enjoy In This Modern Era

Being surrounded by good friends is always a blessing, you know? Some people agree that having friends makes their days better as they have a shoulder to lean on. Besides, you can always spend some time with your best friends in order to release your tension. Even a simple dinner and a chat can boost your mood since it’s your best friend you are talking to. This is how important having best friends is, it can definitely benefit your mental health as they become your support system. However, as you grow up, there is always the possibility of you and your friends being apart due to your commitment and career. The less you happen to meet each other, the more awkward it might be when you finally meet again. Hence, it is important that you keep up with your friends often and spend some time together. 

You might wonder, what activities can you do with your best friends especially in this era where people prefer using smartphones to communicate rather than meeting people in person? Read on to see some activities for best friends to enjoy in this modern era.

Movie Marathon

In this 21st century, the development of software has made it possible for us to even gamble online. If you are interested, check out this best online casino malaysia. Thus, there are many softwares created where you can watch movies with your friends. With how modern such softwares is, you can even record your favorite television series to watch with your friends. So make sure to plan a fun movie marathon and gather your friends around for the occasion. You can relax in the comfort of your house while watching movies with the people close to you. It’s a great thing for friends since you can criticize the movie and laugh along with your friends after a long time not seeing each other. Make sure to have fun choosing the movies and watching them.

Potluck Party

Another activity you can try is a potluck dinner party, where each of you bring your own dishes to share. This is super famous during school reunions and colleague parties since it can save money. Since everyone would bring food for the party, it means that less money would be used for the party. Besides, it’s a really good way for people to bond. If it’s a great activity for colleagues and old friends, why not try this activity with your best friends? The feeling of fulfilment you get after contributing your special dishes for the party is definitely a feeling you should cherish. The girls in particular love this since they can show off their own cooking skills through their dishes. It also makes for a great conversation topic for the party. 


If you and your best friends have always been an avid music lover, then you can always spend your time together by going to concerts. Hunting for limited concert tickets is already fun on its own, but going to the concerts is another level of fun. The songs, the excitement going through the air and the audiences singing along in the concert will definitely make you and your best friend’s heart soar with glee. It is the best time to let loose and sing at your heart’s content with your best friends.

Last Words

In conclusion, here are some of the activities for best friends to enjoy in this modern era. Remember, you should always cherish the bond you had with your friends but it might not last forever. Take some time and drag around your best friends to do these activities once in a while!