Clear Signals that Your Ex Likes to Get Back to You

Do you want your ex to get back to you? Are you still not over him? But the thing is, not all the time that your desires will come true. When it comes to your ex, you might want to know first if he also feels the same way as you might just end up embarrassing yourself. 

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That is right and how will you know if your ex also wants to get back to you? Here are some tips:

  • You notice that you always run with each other lately. Yes, it is not planned, but it seems that it is just too often to be considered as coincidence. Yes, this can be a sign that he purposely makes an effort to run into you and this is a good sign. 
  • You always find him sending messages for whatever reasons. Yes, they are not direct messages that he wants to be back with you, but it seems that he constantly thinks of you lately. This is another good sign as it means, he is possibly not seeing another girl yet and he is not even trying to look for one. 
  • He is always active in your posts as well. You can easily see his comments in almost all your posts. 
  • Your friends are telling you that he is constantly asking about you. This is such a good sign you know as he is not even embarrassed to let your friends know he is still interested about you. He even made sure you will know since it is your friends we are talking about here. He wants to let you know that he is still thinking about you. 
  • He is trying to know if you are seeing someone new like he even asks you directly. If he does not want to be misinterpreted, he shouldn’t do so. The fact that he is becoming obvious only shows one thing and that is he wants to get back to you. But of course, you should not be the one to say the magic word. It should still be him. 
  • He talks about your past moments. It would seem like he wants to make you remember that you and he are happy before and that he is regretting you cannot be with him anymore. Obviously, he misses those moments. It seems that he wants you to miss him as well. 

The signs before are obvious indications that your ex is still missing you and wants so much to be with you. If you feel the same way, you don’t need to prolong his agony, especially if the reason of your break up before is not really that bad. 

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