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How To Avoid Hypertension

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 virus, people have started to take very serious precautions to avoid being infected. This is not only happening in Malaysia, but also worldwide. The whole world was in lockdown as the pandemic began to rise. Things eventually get better from time to time but the effort to always take care of our wellbeing should not be lessened or stopped. 

Studies in Malaysia found out that 1 out 3 Malaysians are affected with hypertension. Hypertension, often known as high blood pressure, is a frequent disease in Malaysia, with research showing that one in every three persons suffers from it. This condition is a huge public health concern and the leading cause of ailments such as heart attack, heart failure, and even stroke. High blood pressure can be caused by a variety of causes, including an unhealthy lifestyle and food, low potassium levels, a lack of exercise, the use of certain drugs, and even family history. 

What’s scarier, is that hypertension symptoms aren’t usually visible, but they can harm internal organs and the cardiovascular system.  

Other symptoms of hypertension include:

  • Severe headache
  • Fatigue 
  • Blood-tinged urine
  • Visionary problem
  • Pounding in chest 

That’s why it’s critical to keep track of one’s blood pressure on a regular basis in order to avoid serious health issues down the road. 

Here are some healthcare products that you can get with an affordable price and good quality. 

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Omron Healthcare Blood Pressure

Trusted Japanese brand Omron Healthcare has great blood pressure monitors that allow users to check their readings in comfort almost everywhere. With almost 200 million units of home blood pressure monitors sold worldwide, Omron Healthcare pioneers the field with over 50 years of reliability and accuracy.  

The blood pressure monitors by Omron Healthcare are clinically verified, which means they follow globally recognised testing methods. Furthermore, their extensive selection of gadgets is portable and user-friendly, making them ideal for use in any family. 

When speaking about this Japanese brand Omron, there was not only a healthcare product in the market. Omron is also one of the best Omron electrotronic components in Malaysia where they supply a lot of industrial products to a lot of countries. 

Omron Heart Guide

The first-ever wearable blood pressure monitor in the innovative form of a wristwatch. With their tagline of “Take your blood pressure anytime and anywhere” Track blood pressure, activity and also sleep while learning how your behaviour will have an impact on your heart health.

Omron Healthcare equipment with mobile capabilities sync with your smartphone or tablet, providing you real-time readings and a big picture view of your health and medical history.

Last but not least, prevention is better than cure. Improving one’s lifestyle, such as exercising frequently, eating heart-healthy foods, and reducing alcohol use, can help regulate high blood pressure. If one feels they have hypertension, however, it is always advisable to seek medical consultation and follow any medical advice offered. Blood testing and blood pressure checks must be done on a regular basis to avoid serious health concerns caused by hypertension.


What Is A Relay

You may not know it but you are always on guard, monitoring for risks, ready to respond at the request of a moment. Millions of years of evolution have put your brain to work to save your flesh when the simplest risk threatens your survival. An example is if one of your eyelashes detects a threat, it will send a warning to your brain, which will cause your eyelids to lock in a flash. In all manner of computers and electronic devices, where sensors are able to turn stuff on or off in a fraction of a second, you will see the same trick at work using smart magnetic switches or relays. Omron safety relays are mostly chosen as they are certified and safe.

Safety relays | UE48-3OS | SICK

How Relay Works

A relay is an electromagnetic system operated by a comparatively small amount of energy capable of switching into or out of a much larger electric current. The core of a relay is a magnetic coil (a bundle of wire which is a transient magnet when electricity flows through it). People may think of such a relay as some kind of electrical piston: switch on with a tiny current, and then use a much larger current to transform it into yet another device. Most instruments are highly delicate parts of electronic appliances, which can involve minor electrical impulses. Relays traverse the gap, causing small currents to cause larger ones. That guarantees the relays are working as levers or transducers.

How To Utilise Relay In A System

Suppose you plan to build an electrically operated coolant that flips a ventilator open or closed as the home temperature increases. You may be using some kind of electronic temperature probe system to measure the heat, but it will only produce little electrical impulses that are way too low to power the electric generator in a giant big fan. Instead you could connect the temperature probe connected to the voltage applied of a relay. In this circuit the relay stimulates the output circuit when a small current passes, allowing a much larger current to circulate and switch the fan on.